April 10, 2006

I Am Going Straight To Hell...

From The Washington Post: Falling Tree Kills Deaf Italian Tourist

I guess this finally answers that age-old question: if a tree falls with nobody around to hear it, it does make a noise! (That noise is: "Mamma mia, cosa stai facen—SPLAT.")


At 10/4/06 13:47, Anonymous Mariana said...

"The bus driver shouted to warn them, but they couldn't hear," said Angelo Cardelli, an official at police headquarters

Irony hurts.

At 10/4/06 23:13, Anonymous dustin said...

Miss Deaf Texas struck by train, killed

At 11/4/06 10:50, Blogger Andrew said...

Dude, it's not cool to laugh at deaf people. I was laughing at... Italians.


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