April 02, 2006

Intentional Misinterpretation For Comic Effect

This article, originally from Readers' Digest and pinched by Netscape, lists "the five things you should never buy used", which it says are:

1. Cribs
2. Computers
3. Digital cameras
4. Plasma screens
5. Appliances

Now, frankly, I may have slightly different priorities than the folks over at Readers' Digest, but my top five things you should never buy used would look more like this:

1. Underwear (I mean, Jesus, hello?!)
2. Hypodermic syringes
3. 'The Keeper' (well, okay, I wouldn't personally buy that at all, but still...)
4. Disposable cameras
5. Rice

Man, I should go work for Letterman or something.


At 2/4/06 05:37, Anonymous dustin said...

Buying used computers can work great if you know what you're doing.


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