April 29, 2006

The 'X' stands for 'X-otic Other'

From Business Week: Microsoft to launch Windows XP in Africa

Jesus, doesn't Africa have enough problems?

"The Microsoft system 'operates on lower-cost personal computing hardware' and 'is designed for entry-level PC users in Africa— with extended help and assistance functions for first-time users, and locally relevant screensavers and wallpapers', the Redmond, WA-based company said in a statement."

I shudder to think what a bunch of Seattle programmers think is "locally relevant" for 'Africans', that extremely homogenous group of 840 million people spread across sixty-one countries and several conflicting cultural groups.

My money is on lions.


At 13/5/06 17:29, Blogger simply wondered said...

I share your fear of their view of 'locally relevant' but my real quaking vis a vis the boots is about what 'entry level price' they will be charging people from that great country Africa - can't even find a zip code! are they some kind of savages? the horror etc
love your blog. my admiration and applause


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