May 20, 2006

Analytic Mind

So, after I discovered a few months ago that my web tracker was trying to install spyware on visitors' computers, I got rid of it and signed up for an invitation code to Google's tracking service, Google Analytics. It's a free service and so completely awesome that they had to halt sign-ups pretty much immediately after they launched it because demand was so high. Anyway, long story short, my invitation code arrived yesterday so I am now back to my creepy, stalker-like tendencies as regards you, my readers. Prepare yourself for the return of much search-referral-induced hilarity.

What's really struck me about the reports is just how freakin' detailed they are, compared to my last tracker. I can get all SORTS of information about visitors-- ISP, browser, click-throughs, domain (someone visited from!), and geographic location. And I mean, no screwing around geographic location: I see you there in Riviere-du-Loup, Ken! It's sweet that you check my blog twice a day.

Ah, technology.


At 21/5/06 11:40, Blogger alice said...

Do you know how it deals with RSS aggregators?

At 21/5/06 11:57, Blogger Andrew said...

It doesn't, so far as I can tell. Trackers rely on a small piece of script inserted into a page's code, and because RSS feeds are machine-generated and content-only, I don't think standard HTML trackers can really do much with them. But my feed is hosted on Feedburner, which generates its own readership stats.

At 21/5/06 15:57, Anonymous Stretch said...

Wow, creepy. Since you took the time to mention me i figured i would post this excerpt from a CBC story that made me think of you.

"The Oilers are known to the average U.S. sports fan due to their championship teams of the past, but otherwise Edmonton would rank just ahead of Edinburgh in the American consciousness."

At 22/5/06 11:22, Blogger Andrew said...


They must be talking about Edinburgh, Indiana.

At 22/5/06 20:10, Anonymous Mariana said...

Doesn't register RSS aggregators, eh?

Sweet! Now I can continue to check your blog every 15 minutes, right after my routine porn updates.


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