May 21, 2006

...And Other Tom Green Movies

So, as many of you know, I've been plotting a road trip up the West Coast this summer, and this evening I finally sat down and gave it some serious practical thought. This is the tentative schedule I came up with:

June 23: Fly into L.A, spend the weekend there.
June 26: Drive to San Francisco.
June 28: Putz around the Napa Valley, ending up in Eureka, California in the evening.
June 29: Explore Redwood National Park for the day, and finish off in Crescent City, California.
June 30: Drive to Portland, Oregon.
July 1: Spend most of the day in Portland, then drive to Seattle in the evening and spend a few days there.
July 4: Fly back to Montreal.

My original plan had been to get all the way up to Vancouver, but considering I already made it there in February, have limited time, and can actually get cheaper flights back from Seattle, I'm thinking I might give it a miss.

Does that sound awesome, or what?


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