May 15, 2006

Andrew Versus The Tsunami, Part II

From Netscape News: Israeli Warns of Mideast Terror 'Tsunami'

Jeez, do high-ranking Jews just not read my blog, or what? (Yourself excepted, Gil.)

What did I say back in January, huh? Let me recap:

1. Tsunami references are so 2005.

2. Tsunami references are, let's face it, a little offensive. I mean, using the pain and suffering of millions of people in order to make a snappy-sounding analogy? That's just like the Holocaust.

3. Weighty socio-political issues like anti-semitism and conflict in the Middle East are serious enough that we shouldn't really need to make them sound 'sexier' by using media buzzwords.

4. Steve Jobs looks like a rabbi.

That is all.

[Edit: Plus, I mean, come on, the Middle East is not even near a major ocean; they've got a lot of nerve complaining about tsunamis.]


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