May 21, 2006

The Job Hunt Continues...

I've spent a good chunk of this weekend perusing job listings and sending out resumes. A lot of the stuff that gets posted (especially for recent graduates in London) is fairly dry advertising sales stuff. Occasionally, though, you come across something a little more interesting-- like an Intelligence Officer at MI5, a Cage Washer (of course), or this snippet (in which I have added the emphasis):

"A leading publisher of children's books and novelties, based in Central London, is looking for an Editor. You will work on a non-fiction list for children which covers ages 3 to 11, but mostly for the 5 to 8 age levels. Most titles have some novelty element, or are packaged with components so experience of novelty would be advantageous."

I think anybody who reads that last sentence instantly has some experience with novelty.


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