May 23, 2006

Past Simple Forms Of Bite, And The 3rd Person Present Simple Form Of Bob

How much longer can I continue to do the 'other ways of saying Bits And Bobs' gag for?

I would like to share with you three amusing quotes I've seen in the media today.

First, from a BBC Photo Article about the contestants on this year's series of the British Big Brother:

"Mikey, from Liverpool, says he hates feminists and can't stand to be around ugly people. The 22-year-old software developer is currently single."

Gosh, I wonder why! A misogynistic and intolerant Liverpudlian programmer! I mean, that has 'Mr Right' scrawled all over it!

Second, from an AP article about Tony Blair's upcoming visit with the President:

"Snow said Blair 'may report on his desires' to Bush."

Jesus, are the two of them doing group therapy, now? *giggle*

And, third, from another AP article about Mischa Barton's untimely departure from The O.C.:

"Although rumors flew in recent months that Barton was ready to leave the show, she says her departure was the producers' decision.

'But I really think it's best to do movies now,' says Barton . . . 'I was also thinking of spending a month in London, living there and taking a course in acting,' she says."

What a novel idea.


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