June 13, 2006

Anti-Semitism Plumbs New Depths— Literally!

A large part of my summer job is locating schools on a map (thrilling, eh?). Because the address data I have for some of the schools are incomplete, I often have to do a little web research to track down exactly where they are, and the website Schooltree.org has been very handy in so doing.

Tonight I was looking up Ezra Academy in Forest Hills, NY— and, probably because I had been doing mindless gruntwork for an hour already, I found myself laughing out loud at some of the information on the school's page.

For instance, someone was really going to town with the sarcastic quotation marks:

"Ezra Academy is of a 'Jewish' affiliation . . . Ezra Academy is located in a 'Large City'."

I also enjoyed the breakdown of enrolment by ethnicity; out of the 233 students at Ezra, there is one African American. One! They literally have a token black guy!

But, by far my favourite part was what Google Maps showed me when I clicked on the 'Map Location' link:

I sure hope they teach swimming.


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