June 11, 2006

Don't Fall For It

Okay, before I get started— and I'm sorry if this joke has been made already, but I heard it on the radio today and only then caught on— I would just like to say: you know that song, "Walking on Sunshine"? Do you know who that's by? Katrina and The Waves. Isn't that just grotesquely ironic?

Anyway, on to the main event.

Thus begins the photographic story of my day in Ithaca.

My plan was to take the rental car and drive out to Watkins Glen, a small town about half an hour from Ithaca that is built around the eponymous state park. And this I did, on a pleasant, winding road through the countryside, past swaying grass and numerous barns that can only be described as dila-ha-pidated. Upstate New York puts Southern Quebec to shame in the dilapidated building department, and if you don't believe me then take a look at this house in Mecklenburg (none of this amateurish barn nonsense):

Watkins Glen itself was well worth the drive, and then some. The centrepiece of the park is an earthy, mossy canyon that snakes into the hillside, and towers over a river that bounds and drops through the air in a most awe-inspiring way (I actually heard other people gasping in awe a couple of times). At one point the path along the bottom of the canyon abruptly turns down a spiral staircase carved into a cave in the rockface, and emerges at the bottom literally in a waterfall. The whole river is tumbling over a shelf directly over your head, and a tiny path ducks just behind the wall of water and continues along the other side of the canyon. This is what you walk behind:

After hiking up and down the canyon for a few hours, I got back in the car and started back for Ithaca, stopping off briefly at Buttermilk Falls State Park— where a caterpillar gave me the opportunity to try out the macro lens on my new camera. I'm pretty pleased with the results:

Many more pictures of all the above landmarks (and more!) can be found here. And as for me? I'm going to savour the feel of my own, glorious bed, for the first time in eight days.


At 6/9/08 12:14, Blogger Clair said...

I was searching google for ideas of some natural places to visit in the Upstate NY area, since I've Recently moved to Syracuse, and I came across your blog. I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your different adventures. If you have anymore good ideas of places to visit in the Ithica/Syracuse area or just want to converse feel free to contact me.


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