June 14, 2006

Eau De Humanity!

From BBC NEWS | Entertainment: Perrier ends Edinburgh comedy tie

For non-Edinbuggers: for the last twenty-five years, the comedy awards that run during and in conjunction with the Fringe have been sponsored by Perrier, the over-priced French soda water. It worked out well for me last summer, because the Underbelly hosted the final awards show, so every day the nice Perrier man turned up with a few crates of Perrier that we could drink for free while on the job.

But this summer, no! Perrier has sodded off and now The Perriers are to be sponsored by Intelligent Finance, a Scottish bank. Although the awards have been officially renamed (continuing to call them the Perriers would be a little confusing, I guess), I think that Perrier are gambling on the fact that after twenty-five years people are going to stubbornly refuse to call them anything else.

The more I think about it, though, the more I think the new sponsorship is a good thing: I mean, if Perrier gave us free Perrier, what is a bank going to give us? Free money! And with free money, I can buy many Perriers! Sweet!


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