June 07, 2006

Iron and Whine

From Newsvine: Paper Clip Causes Traffic Signals Glitch

"ASHLAND, WIS. — Traffic signals that went haywire at the city's busiest intersection over Memorial Day weekend left technicians stymied as they hunted for the cause . . .

When city crews finally called in the state Department of Transportation for help, a DOT official spotted a paper clip that had fallen behind the control panel for the signals . . . When the clip was removed and the system was reset, the signals resumed normal operations . . .

In a bit of irony, the paper clip that fell had been used to hold a card with names and phone numbers of technicians who maintain the signals, he said."

In a further piece of irony, technicians could not reach the intersection for several days because their vans kept being diverted by malfunctioning traffic signals.

In yet another piece of irony, the DOT official who spotted the paper clip was MacGyver.

In one more added piece of irony, jokes about MacGyver and paper clips are no longer funny.

In a final piece of irony, the paper clip was actually made of iron, which you hardly ever see these days.

Um, I'm sorry, I'm really tired.


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