June 12, 2006


Today I booked my flight back to Edinburgh for the end of July. This means that, taking into account my trip out west, I only have twenty-one more days in Montreal.

So, first of all, if you live in Montreal, now is the time to enjoy my company.

Second of all, as Mariana pointed out a few months ago, the name exBostonian is now pretty much completely uninformative-- so I'm going to ditch it and choose something new.

I therefore invite suggestions for future blog appellations. Please leave ideas in the comments section, and after a while I'll put my favourite ones to a vote. If you make a suggestion and I use it, you will win my eternal gratitude, a hearty kick in the pants, and possibly something that is actually somewhat desirable.

Also, if you're going to make a suggestion, bear in mind this NY Times article about how companies Google job candidates and won't consider you for a position if your blog/MySpace profile/etc. makes you look undesirable. Obviously this is an invasive, narrow-minded and, frankly, idiotic policy (it's not like students— even straight A, honour roll students— never got drunk/high/sexually compromised before Facebook was invented, so why arbitrarily pick on people who want to share pictures with friends? Besides, it's actually pretty discriminatory to not hire someone because you don't approve of what they do in their spare time).

Nevertheless, I would like to be at least somewhat employable now and in the foreseeable future, so I won't consider ideas along the lines of:

•Andrew's Drunken Sexual Debacles: The Definitive Guide
•I Am An Irresponsible Alcoholic So Please Don't Read My Resume
•Super Happy Cock Pussy Fun Page
•The Adventures of Budman

Change is hard.

Seriously, I have, like, three kilos of loonies in my pocket, what the hell am I supposed to do with them all?


At 12/6/06 17:40, Blogger Sean said...

So is Big Fat Gay Al out?

It'll be great to see you! Sorry I've been so bad with email. :(

At 12/6/06 17:49, Anonymous Mariana said...

"Stephen makes me Pinker: Confessions of a Closet Linguist"
"Monologue of Greatness"
"Desirable Employee"
"bits and bobs"
"White Nigga: 3 to the 9 4 GPA in the HIZZOUSE"
"My Life: Stories from McGill Improv's Greatest President"
"Fuck you, Dan"

This is too much fun!

I'll try to think of good ones later.

At 12/6/06 22:04, Anonymous dustin said...

I think it would be fitting to change it to exMontrealer for a while.

At 13/6/06 19:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're being deported. Just when your name is about to be inscribed on the Stanley Cup, you're moving to a place where nobody cares. Too bad.

How about "Haeland Laddie"?


At 14/6/06 13:26, Anonymous vinny said...

Still. Going.

At 17/6/06 23:39, Blogger Budman said...

Hey I'm employed! In fact they love me at work.

To save you the trouble on what to decide I think you yourself came up with the best name and thought I'd give you a preview of what your new website should look like:


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