June 28, 2006

Too Soon?

You might quite rightly wonder why I'm updating my blog so often, despite being on vacation. Well, shame on you for judging me. The fact of the matter is, the last three nights I have been staying in relatively small towns where there's not much to do. But, this being the West Coast, there is, naturally, free Wi-Fi everywhere. And I ask you: if you had the choice between creepy roadside bar and blogging, what would you do?

Monday I cut across from Portland to the coast, and picked up US Highway 101, the 'Pacific Scenic Byway'. And, jeez geewillickers, holy cow, is "scenic" an understatement— the sun was out, the water was a velvety blue, and the highway lined with evergreen hills. It was spectacular.

I stopped a lot along the way to appreciate views and beaches, most notably at Cape Foulweather, which was where Captain Cook first set foot on the west coast. According to the handy plaque placed at the site, it's called Cape Foulweather because Cook was less than impressed with the climate when he arrived— so perhaps 'Cape Foulmood' would be more appropriate.

Incidentally, I find Oregonians' method for discouraging sex shops quite entertaining: local busybodies buy up advertising billboards next door to the sex shop, and get a giant slogan printed on it along the lines of: "Porn harms our children", or "Porn eats babies", or "Porn votes Democrat". They literally shame the stores out of business! (Actually, I made those last two up, but I did actually drive by a strip club called "Jiggles", which I think is even funnier.)

I think that's enough for today.


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