July 05, 2006

Democracy At Work

Gil reminded me today that I need to pick a new name for my blog. So I present to you the contenders; please leave a comment with your vote for which one you like best.

[] exMontrealer
[] Haeland Laddie
[] I'm Really Excited To Be Here
[] Still. Going.
[] Desirable Employee

Please, no hanging chads.


At 5/7/06 13:06, Blogger Gil said...

Wasn't "Mass. Media." a subtitle? Because for parallelism sake (and it deserves that much!) "Still. Going." should only be considered as a subtitle.

Also, since when is Vagina Gigante out of the running?!

I'm stunned...simply stunned.

At 6/7/06 12:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i thikn exmontrealer is the most consistent choice. yes.


At 7/7/06 11:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of this straitjacket of a short-list, the aged exEditor would vote for "exMontrealer". Symmetry, as someone else has said.

Where on earth did "Haeland Laddie" come from? Apart from the fact that it's faulty Scots English (as hotscot obvioously knows well, it's "hieland", pronounced "HE-lnd" - not, I think, a reference to male chauvinism in the bumpy parts of Caledonia), I find it a tad hard, despite the kilt, to apply to an Anglo-Saxon-Lithuanian-American Brit born in Brighton, on the south coast of England, and brought up in the LOWlands of Scotland. Resident of the Lowlands, citizen of the UK the US, the EU and the world.

Vote early, vote often, and vote for "exMontrealer"! Long may he blog!


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