July 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mr President

George W Bush turned sixty today. He will celebrate by holding a press conference with Stephen Harper, then clubbing a pro-choicer with a copy of the Bible and drinking a quart of crude oil.

In this Newsvine article, Cornell University's Karl Pillemer discusses the significance of growing old for Bush's generation: "Turning 60 is a fairly significant shock . . . The generation that believed it would be young forever, clearly will not . . . The boomers are having a hard time with the existential reality of life not being one open-ended opportunity after another."

Oh, yeah, I'm sure the President of the United States feels completely shackled by the constraints on his life. Plus, I mean, apart from change the course of national and world history on a number of occasions, what has he really done to be remembered by?

Still, if this means he's going to have a Clinton-esque midlife crisis, I am all for it.


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