July 10, 2006

A Head Of The Game

Zidane's World Cup headbutt is the buzz of the blogosphere right now, so I thought I'd abuse Technorati to try and snag some new readers.*

There's been no official line on why Baldy McRagerson decided to treat the world to his stag-in-mating-season impression, but the speculation is that Materazzi either called him a terrorist or gave him a good ol'-fashioned nipple gripple (or perhaps both). Either way, the internet is alight with talk and pictures of the incident, including some fairly hilarious recreations by Flickr users.


*Note to new readers: I make pithy jokes about things I see and read, to which the most common responses are:

(a) amused chuckles followed by bookmarking this page
(b) overblown offence followed by leaving irate and slightly terrifying comments
(c) complete indifference followed by forgetting that I ever existed

Please proceed as applicable.


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