July 16, 2006

I Wonder Who Wears The Tie In Their Relationship?

From Newsvine: Report: Lavigne Weds Whibley of Sum 41

"Canadian actress-musician Avril Lavigne . . . married Deryck Whibley, the guitarist and front man for the band Sum 41, on July 15, 2006, according to reports."

Oh, come on! She does the voice for one animated character and all of a sudden that makes her an actress-musician?!

(And, come on! Deryck Whibley wears a guitar around his neck in a couple of videos and all of a sudden that makes him a guitarist?!)

"The young rockers had a mostly traditional ceremony . . . The usually shabby Lavigne wore a Vera Wang gown, carried white roses and was walked down the aisle by her father as Mendelssohn's 'Wedding March' played."

During the vows, Whibley tastelessly remarked that it was funny seeing Avril in a Wang, because usually it was the other way round.

Incensed, Lavigne slapped Whibley across the face, screamed, "See you l8r, boi!" and stormed off.

Thankfully, after some impromptu mediation by fellow Canadian rocker Chad Kroeger (sometimes referred to as the "Kurt Cobain of the 21st Century"), the young couple agreed that being left at the altar would be 'way too mainstream' and tied the knot after all.

And, yes, that was another Chad reference.


Dear God.


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