July 23, 2006


I'm officially renaming my blog in August, but in the meantime this new title graphic seemed appropriate. Thank you to everyone who turned up to see me off on Thursday night— you did a swell job finishing off all my booze before I left— and extra special thank yous to Chris, Dan, Maryam and Ken for their collaborative efforts to get me to the airport on Friday.

Um... That is all. I'm off to investigate reports that a Starbucks has opened round the corner from my flat.


At 23/7/06 14:46, Anonymous Mariana said...

Nice :)

Enjoy Edinburgh!

At 24/7/06 00:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good to hear from you andrew, you are already missed.


At 24/7/06 19:42, Blogger Andrew said...

Aw, shucks.


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