July 27, 2006

Life Is Always Sweeter In Bullet Form

•My iMac arrived from its transatlantic odyssey this morning— safe, sound, and, I can only assume, severely jetlagged. Hooray!

•It turns out that when my boss was telling me my co-supervisor's name the other day, he wasn't saying "Tom R. Jones", but rather "Tom Arr-Jones". So all my carefully planned gags were for naught. Boo!

•My professor got in touch to ask where to send the money. Hooray!

•He has since failed to respond to further emails. Boo!

•I love my job! Hooray!

•I'm hungry. Boo!

•I did a cup-o-tea-buying run for the other box office staff today, and my boss (who delights in making hilariously inappropriate innuendoes) walked in just as I was asking one of the girls if she wanted the teabag in or out. Ha!


At 27/7/06 20:47, Blogger Budman said...

Just browsed through your last few posts. Glad to hear you made it ok and have settled in quite smoothely.

That is a funny thing for someone to walk in on but nothing beats when at a recent party Adrienne was referencing chinese horoscopes and blurted out "Oh, and my nemesis is the cock!"

At 28/7/06 03:51, Blogger Andrew said...

Yeah, but really, when was the last party we had where Adrienne didn't blurt out something sexual and embarrassing?

At 28/7/06 12:04, Anonymous Adrienne said...

I would just like to say that half of what I say is only bad because ALL your minds are in the gutter! (The other half is quite deservedly mockable.) But would you honestly have it any other way?

At 28/7/06 15:05, Anonymous Mariana said...

I <3 you Adrienne, inappropriate comments and all.

What the hell kind of name is Arr-Jones?

At 28/7/06 20:17, Anonymous Adrienne said...

By the way, I looked into it briefly today and apparently the cock is not my nemesis but actually both the Cock and the Snake are my most compatible matches. I guess all Oxen are either women or gay.


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