July 26, 2006

Milestones In Blogging, #45541

From Newsvine: Lance Bass of 'NSync Reveals He's Gay

'Yeah,' you might well be thinking. 'So what? Why should I care?'

In fact, this story is a momentous one, though not for the celebrity tattle contained in the above headline; rather, said headline caused a ripple effect throughout the blogosphere, pushing sarcasm levels to an unprecedented one hundred percent. The sentiment expressed on hipster4227.blogspot.com was typical, with the site's author saying:

"So Lance Bass is gay, huh? What startling revelation will come next? Michael Jackson likes kids?"

The blogging team over at www.the-sarchasm.net, meanwhile, collaborated to produce a crude, interactive Flash game entitled the "Tell-Us-Something-We-Don't-Know-otron"; and several MySpace blogs were updated with entries along the lines of "LOL wot a surprize!"

As the story spread, sarcasm levels continued to rise, as illustrated below, in Figure A:

At hour zero, sarcasm levels are at a healthy (and fairly normal for a midweek morning) forty percent. These levels inch up slowly as the story is picked up by a few initial sites, and then begin to climb rapidly following coverage by several influential blogs. They level out around ninety-eight percent for a few hours, briefly reaching total blogosphere sarcasm saturation. However, at these levels the sarcasm:sincerity ratio approaches infinity, and it is no longer possible to actually be any more sarcastic— the universe self-corrects and levels begin to fall again.

Levels of meta-sarcasm in the blogosphere also spiked by a comparable amount, but obviously cannot be shown in the same graph.

Interestingly, if we look at the curve of Figure A in a broader context, we can see it reflects the internet's cynicism in more ways than one:



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