July 19, 2006


From The San Francisco Chronicle: Cowboy george Bush's unexpected squeeze of the German chancellor has the Internet howling

Ha-ha, *LOL*, and three times :-D. I believe that is the appropriate reaction to this story, described (rather inappropriately, I feel, coming from a California newspaper) as having "hit the internet like a summer wildfire".

During a G8 meeting yesterday, President Bush cavalierly walked up behind (the only female member of the G8) Angela Merkel, and administered what can only be described as a "drive-by rubbing" (video hosted—where else?—on YouTube). Merkel responds with the body language equivalent of a ten-year-old girl squealing "Ewww, boys!", and Bush walks off again as if nothing had happened. It's quite priceless.

I mean, obviously, from a gender equality viewpoint it's not priceless at all, but goodness knows I would never go off on a rant about that sort of thing. And, frankly, It would be pretty querulous of me to start complaining about the first thing Bush has done to make himself more like Clinton. (Oh, fudge, that gag's been done already.)

"Fox News political analyst Karen Hanretty said the outraged reaction shows how 'President Bush just can't win.'

'Aren't these the same women who have been angry about cowboy diplomacy?' she asked. 'Do they want a kinder, more sensitive Bush -- or a cowboy? Once again, there's no pleasing women,' she said. 'Give them the cowboy and they want Alan Alda'."

"I mean, seriously," she added. "Are we women irrational fuckwits incapable of expressing a coherent opinion, or what? Oh, wait."

And, I'm sorry, but giving unsolicited back rubs does not make somebody "kinder and more sensitive"; if anything, this only further shows what a tactless cowboy Bush really is. Besides, it's not like there's no middle ground, here: somebody can be a sharp-shooting diplomat and still have a sensitive side. Contrasting the two is ludicrous, especially in light of Brokeback Mountain.

Two and a half days left in Montreal. Eek.


At 19/7/06 20:45, Anonymous Mariana said...

Oh my God, that's it?! I guess you're not coming back before your big move to London?

Well... have a lovely time in Edinburgh. Give Sean and Julian giant hugs for me. And best of luck with the move. Um... I will do my best to get myself financially capable of visiting the UK sometime next year...

And I'll see you online, anyway.

At 20/7/06 09:14, Blogger Andrew said...

What? Online? I'm never online.

You're always welcome in the UK. Now that you have a passport, I mean-- I shouldn't make any promises about my apartment until I find out how tiny it is... Sigh.

Good luck with grad school proper in Boston. Try not to get hit by any more cars.


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