July 12, 2006

Shack Attack

I had the most bewildering experience at RadioShack today.

I'm backing up my computer before I ship it home, so I went to RadioShack this morning to buy three extra DVD-Rs. The first one worked fine, but the second and third couldn't be read by my DVD drive and got spat out immediately. So I went back to RadioShack...

Me: Hi. I bought these this morning and, uh, they don't work.
Him: Well, you've opened them so I can't refund them. [Then, as if I might not understand such an abstract concept:] They're like batteries.
Me: Oh. Well, can I just buy two new ones, then?
Him: It's probably an issue with your DVD drive.
Me: [In an friendly and completely unconfrontational manner:] No, I don't think so, because I got one of them to work, and I also burned another two discs that were a different brand after these two wouldn't work.
Him: Well, if you want I can test these two on one of the computers in the store and see if they work here.
Me: Uh, sure, okay.
Him: But if I do that, these discs are yours, you know that, right?
Me: Yeah.

[He diddles around with a computer for a minute or two]

Him: Well, it seems to be working fine. It must be your DVD drive.
Me: Huh. It is weird that I got other ones to work, but... [shrug] Anyway, can I buy another two?
Him: [getting annoyed] Look, in 99% of cases it's the burner that's the problem, not the disc. You probably have the settings wrong. I mean, if you had your computer here I could look at it, and see if the settings are right, but I can't do anything about it now.
Me: [Internal monologue:] Whoooooa! Easy there! [To clerk:] Uh, okay, well, it doesn't matter. Can I just buy another two, maybe of a different brand?
Him: This computer will be done burning in a few minutes, don't you want to wait and see if it worked? That way you'll know if it's a problem with your burner.
Me: No, that's okay, can I just buy another two?
Him: [bitterly] Fine.

Can somebody explain to me if I committed some horrendous RadioShack faux pas? Or was this guy just having a really bad day?


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